Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not In The Mood...

Not in the mood to type, so here are a few pictures to keep you up to date. Time is flying by and the kids are growing so fast... pictures are worth a thousand words.

Mikenzie sewed herself a cute sundress

Having fun in Farmington

We cut down trees...

Lots of trees... and then more trees

Brandon lost another tooth while camping at Father's and Son's, you would never guess it fell out while he bit into a marshmallow, sound like a familiar story to anyone?

An action pic just for fun

The man in action

Kyle's coach was well prepared for any sort of action

Baylie played as well this spring, she was by far the cutest player out there.

Here is a picture of my cutie in her bargain hat she loves

Alex and Brandon on the night of Alex's board of review

Alex lettered for the 3rd time, this year in Scholar Bowl, like his smile?