Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mikenzie's 12th Birthday
Girls Day Out

Fun at Color Me Mine...
Two cute Cuties

Your can't have a girls day out w/o a trip to the salon

SURPRISE!! Here's our birthday girl!!

Happy Birthday Mikenzie!!

Summer Travels-- 2010

I can't get blogger to work-- so read below for explanation of our summer fun!!

Yep, the old Suburban almost made it to 300,000
Bridal Veil Falls

A shout out to my sis, in a parallel universe, living in TX

Crafts that kept Mikenzie and Baylie busy for most of the trip

See these?? They are called pine trees, you would think my kids had never seen them before as we descended down I-70 in Colorado

Swimming fun

Army Strong

Kyle: Is Kansas like the flattest state or what??

Kyle wasn't tired after soccer camp at all... HA!!

Alex on his way to work for the week...

This years adventure is off with a bang. Our wonderful Suburban, it had been loyal for eight years, suddenly died while James was driving home one night. We made a long coming decision and purchased a used, but great, minivan the night before we packed up and headed west. Mikenzie came home from girls camp the night before, yeah, she was just a sweetie that morning. It was all I could do to get her into the shower and then slowly move her to the van where she could sleep. We were off!!

Whilst driving out of Kansas, we ran into a huge army transport. Nothing like the army to get your blood pumping for a road trip. You can't help but feel proud when you see the great soldiers serving our country, no matter what the capacity.

We were only into Kansas a few hours when Kyle announced that it had to be the flattest state on earth. Yep, he's our bright one.

We made it to Denver and stayed with Heidi. Very nice to have family to stay with. Baylie told me Jessica's room was her dream room, the corrected herself and told me the entire house was her dream house. Very cute.

We left Denver and the kids were immediately impressed with the pine trees. I guess we have been away from mountains a little too long. After a very long drive, we came out of the mouth of Spanish Fork canyon and Kyle announced he could see The Great Salt Lake... yep, the bright one.

Kyle went straight to soccer camp, had a blast. His team lost in the semi-finals, but I think he was too tired to care. He slept for two days, but finally recovered.

We made our annual trip to Bridal Veil Falls, went to Hogie Yogie, visited Grandma ( had a nice little picnic in Nephi ). Jeremy flew in and went to football camp. He was more than excited. It was quite funny when I picked him up, I saw three boys with broken arms, one with an ice pack... glad it wasn't Jeremy, but pretty funny none the less.
So, we are half way through our wonderful vacation, and I think we are all ready to go home. BUT... we cannot miss the Freedom Festival, Stadium of Fire, etc... so we are here for two more weeks. Jeremy leaves for home Saturday, Kyle leaves for home Wednesday... if I keep thinning the troops, I may just make it home in one piece.