Thursday, October 25, 2012

How I know my sons will never scrapbookers be

About a week ago, The Men in the household loaded up our trusty minivan and made the long trek to South Bend, Indiana for the BYU vs Notre Dame football game.  ( Not North Bend as one may have incorrectly called it ).

Just before the merry crew left the drive way, I ran out with camera in hand, along with spare batteries and an empty memory card.  " Be sure to take lots of pictures"  In my mind's eye, I imagined snap shots full of fun, great memories of the boys bonding while they traveled together.

After the game on Saturday night I was speaking with James and asked if he took plenty of pictures.  
" I dunno-- the boys had the camera the whole time, I'll have to ask them." Red flag number one.

The second red flag came when all of the boys were wondering why they would take a bunch of 
pictures of themselves.  Crazy?!?

So, my disappointment wasn't too great when I finally got my hands on the memory card, NOT full of memories.  Here are a few of the " awesome " snapshots.

Yep, my boys will never scrapbookers be, at least they have the memories and some male bonding.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Family Fun

A few quick pictures of the random happiness in our lives...
 Brandon turned 10 this month, which means he moved up from Bears to Weblos.  This is him receiving his Bear Claw, for passing off all 24 requirements 

 The previously mentioned Birthday Boy-- trying to blow out candles that re-light, it was a big hit

 Another birthday picture-- friends included this time

 It wouldn't be a Saturday without one or more soccer games included
 B doing her best to help her team bring it home.  They won 2 out of 3 games-- good job ladies!
 Simple Sunday afternoon-- the boys throw a ball around and the girls have taken up photography to fill the afternoons
 A picture while taking pictures

Guess what B is going to be for Halloween this year?  This pic was taken just before her Halloween Orchestra Concert-- cutest busy B ever!

Monday, October 8, 2012


A few months ago I had a prompting to purchase an external hard drive.  Within a few weeks, our computer crashed and all of my priceless pictures were saved on the back up drive.  I was so relieved, until the hard drive crashed as well.

Luckily, Baylie told me she had saved all of the pictures onto the computer once it was restored.  Whew!  I was in a somewhat peaceful state of  mind until I needed some family photos.  No problem, I thought, they are all right here on the computer.   It was all good until I tried opening folder after folder and realized, most of the pictures did not transfer from one place to another and many photos were lost in the process.

I was heart broken.  I mean, what are the chances of a computer and a hard drive crashing within weeks of each other? Especially since said hard drive was supposed to be extra super duper?

I had also saved a bunch of pictures to a memory stick a few month earlier.  I went to my secret hiding place for special stuff I thought my kids knew nothing about, but much to my surprise... they had invaded and stolen my memory stick.  No one knows who took it or where it went, but it is gone and long forgotten by the little thieves.

So, yesterday, after talking about homecoming and no batteries in the camera, along with missing memory sticks and crashed hard drives, I decided to transfer as many pictures as I could to my new hard drive and hope it sticks this time.

As I was looking through the photos and sorting them into folders, I realized how quickly my kids have grown.  I reflected on the time I had spent working with my Grandma on her life history.  She didn't like going through her old photographs, she was very reluctant to provide me with pictures to add to her history.  When I finally pressed her on the issue, she told me it was because it made her homesick.  I got a little taste of that homesick feeling myself last night.  

My kids have grown so quickly.  My Grandma also used to tell me to enjoy my kids while they were young because they would be grown and gone before I knew it.  I really didn't believe her at the time.  I had three little boys under three years of age, all in diapers and a husband in medical school, or in other words, never home.  Add three more to the mix in another five years and we had six wonderful children that overwhelmed me with their love, demands and needs.  I didn't think they would ever grow up, let alone leave!

However, this weekend two of my boys went out for homecoming together, another is away at college.  Jeremy will be preparing to leave for a mission within the year.  Time has definitely passed by quickly and it seems to be speeding up as my sweet little children are leaving as quickly as they came in.  

  So, here are a few of the recovered pictures from past to present and back again.  From Brandon's first soccer ball, to Alex becoming a deacon and pictures of my beautiful daughters.  Jeremy and Alex covered in rust after a long hard days work at the Trembath Ranches, along with Kyle playing soccer ( surprise! ) There are even pictures from way back when Alex used to smile, it's been along time since we've seen that.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words.  
And... Grandma was right- they grew up before I knew it!

 My three Eagle Scouts and their Grandpa ( you can see where Alex gets his smile from )
 The one picture we were able to take of Alex on graduation day.
 Cute girlies
 Alex in last years Fall Festival
 My first Eagle Scout
 My rugby player
 Oh, they had a blast sanding down rusty fences for our adopted Grandparents- The Trembaths
 Missionary in the making
 Soccer Champ
 Kenz doing her favorite thing
 Pretty Princess
 All snuggled and warm
 My sweet Bee
 Where did this little fella go?
 Oh, there he is... on a soccer field, what a surprise!
 The Alex I miss so  much
 Our first deacon... not so short anymore.  He is now six feet tall!
 Always an ice cream lover!
 One of Brandon's first soccer balls--see the look on his face? Love at first sight! He literally learned to kick a soccer ball one week after he learned to walk.  Tells you something, doesn't it?
 Good Old Jerma!
 Coolio-- just chillin by the river in Wyoming
 Sweetest baby picture-ever!
Getting close to being all grown up