Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Summary

It's been a few weeks since I last posted, due mainly to our hectic life. As you can see in the pictures below it's all about sports right now. Alex is in scholar bowl, marching band and has become a part time taxi driver, which is a huge help. Jeremy is in football and marching band, Kyle is in football and competitive soccer. Mikenzie is in a school play, volleyball and piano lessons. Baylie is in soccer, piano lessons and is running for student council. Brandon is in flag football, competitive soccer and piano lessons as well. Yeah, we are just a little too busy right now.

Add to that me being the ward activities chair and James serving as scout master and you have one crazy life. In the last week we have had:

3 football games
5 soccer practices
1 volleyball game and a practice
1 Hillbilly Hoedown
1 overnight scout camp out
3 piano lessons
1 scholar bowl practice
Youth night
Scout leadership training and meetings

It doesn't really slow down, I just feel lame typing it all out.

So here are some snap shots of our life. The one of Baylie coloring a huge picture is a photo board we made for the ward activity. The kids had a great time getting their pictures taken. The activity was a success, after hours and hours of cooking. I don't think I will ever eat or cook a sloppy joe again!!

Be Grateful!!

Brandon getting coaching advice on the sidelines
Going for the pass...
Mikenzie "rockin' out " while she serves up at the volleyball game

Keeping an eye on the ball

Jeremy and Baylie after the JV won another game--
Baylie's only request was that Jeremy not touch her,
he was too sweaty and too gross.

Jeremy walking off the field after a great game...
#57?? He's a freshman if you can believe it!!

Baylie after soccer practice in her trademark pink,
if you are going to wear it you might as well own it.

One of my rare creative days-- just ignore the dirty dishes in the background.
I thought it would be a fun treat to make pretzels for an after school snack.

As you can tell, Baylie and Brandon jumped right in...

Nice to see them enjoying the time together

No, this is not the worlds largest coloring book

Brandon and Mikenzie helping me out