Saturday, October 29, 2011

All about Alex

So I looked up one day and I had Senior in high school! I am not quite sure where all of the
time went, or how he grew up so quickly, but here he is, all tall, dark and handsome.
It kind of hits you in the face when you get requests in the mail for number
of tickets needed for graduation,
exact spelling for the diploma, and senior pictures being taken.

Then, for a while, you forget you have a senior, except when he stands next to you and
you have to constantly look up. That is, until the band has
"Senior Recognition Night" Then you remember,
that's right, I have a Senior!

Alex has been working hard for a year, rebuilding his monster of a car. It
went from this....

To this...


So, if you have to have a Senior, I would probably choose one
that looks something like this. You can't get much better.
Sorry, this one is already taken and I hear the
knock off's are no where near as good as the original.
Too bad they broke the mold after making
this one!

( Seriously, the underlining thing is really annoying!
And now my font is in two different colors, neither of
which were chosen by me!)

Monday, October 10, 2011

September In A Snapshot...or two

I have no idea where September went, here are a few
quick pictures to show you what I spend most of my
time doing....

This is what I wish I could be doing. Brandon was so tired
after his football and then soccer game, he actually
fell to sleep while trying to call a friend to see
if he could play on the ride home. He finally gave in to sleep,
but he will swear to you he is NOT tired!

A picture from the above mentioned game.

Okay... if you look really close for the best looking, best
trumpet player in the group ( second from the left ) you will
see our Alex. Front row of the band... cool!

A picture of Kyle and his friend at the Sporting KC soccer game. James
took Kyle, Tyler-- the friend, and Brandon to the game.
They had a great time. I would have more pictures,
but James thought I wanted pictures of the game, not my kids
so I'm using what I got.

I LOVE finding random pictures like this one on my camera. I never
know what my girls have been up to until I take a look at
what is on my memory card. LoVe this picture of Mikenzie.
She is beautiful.

Here is Jeremy and a few pictures of his first Homecoming Dance.
Isn't he a handsome fella? Oh, alright, his date
is pretty cute too!

Yep-- Alex is 18, eighteen... EIGHT-TEEN!! Can hardly believe it myself!
He loved his cool Beatles shirt.