Saturday, March 27, 2010


So, today was our first soccer game of the season. Last week, the games were canceled due to snow. Today, we were cutting it close... but the boys played and won against a Select team.

Some of Kyle's teammates, if you asked them, NO they were not cold!! This photo doesn't give the rain justice, the boys were soaked to the core.

The fields weren't as muddy as we thought they would be, but they were slick

Kyle in his second half change of clothes. It was COLD!! Can you believe that underneath it all, his undershirt was still dry?

I toughed it out and stayed on the side lines with my trusty umbrella. The rain started just before the game and ended as we pulled into the drive way--at least the hail didn't hit until we were driving. Kyle had a great game, I hope this season is as successful as last fall. They moved up a notch in the league, they are now an U15A team, the highest they can go. We are so proud of Extreme Blue, two years ago, they were in the bottom of the league and now they are a top team. GO BLUE!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He's still my little boy...

For those of you who know Brandon well, know he is a hormonal, ornery, temperamental 16 year old stuffed into a 7 year old's body. He has not been an easy child, at times I wonder how in the world we ended up with such an interesting last child. I thought my last baby would be fun I would be able to spoil him rotten with attention and one on one time.

Well, Brandon has wanted none of that. He hated play group, story time,swing sets and every single moment of preschool. I don't know if he looks up to his older brothers so much he acts like them or if he is just an old soul. Either way, we are stuck with our 4th teenager... a little early. I am hoping he will be an easier teenager in the long run because we are working out all of the kinks right now... one can always hope.

Brandon is full of laughable comments, just because he is so young and such shocking statements and attitudes come out of his little mouth. He demands his freedom, wants to have a life, threatens to run away forever, is sick of his family. Sound like a teenager to you? He listens to David Cook, Daughtry and Green Day. He is mad he can't listen to Lincoln Park, what??? Where did this kid come from?

But today, I think I saw a hint of my little boy. All of the kids were at school, Baylie left early for Art Club, so it was just me and my Bubba. We had to stop at Hy-Vee for a class treat. While there, Brandon rediscovered the doughnut section. He was thrilled to get a Longjohn-- he couldn't believe how big it was and was delighted to have it all to himself. He put his little hand in mine for a brief moment while we were walking through the store aisles, brief but joyful.

He told me all about how his new shoes were the best ever. Comfortable, cool looking, dad even said. They can make him run faster. He was so glad he didn't have to wear his " crap shoes ", so a bit of the teen seeped through, but progress was made. He was actually a happy little boy for the most part this morning.

When it was time for him to walk to school, he realized he didn't have his big sister by his side and asked if I would watch him walk through the backyard to school. I think he was almost a little scared, very unusual for Brandon.

So, as I watched my miniature teenager run through the grass, carrying a huge umbrella, a big back pack and wearing a size too big hoodie, I realized, he is still my little boy.

Be Grateful!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Back...

I am finally out of my blogging funk... sorta. Thought I would post a few photos to show you all what we have been up to the past few months. Many new things around here:

Hi from Kenzie-- isn't she pretty??

Here is a photo of James. We took this at church Sunday for his Kansas license- he looked all spiffed up, so we thought it would be a good time to take a snapshot. Of course, the ward members thought we were nuts, but what's new with that one?

Can you tell soccer season has started? Here Brandon is A- practicing and B- one sleepy little soccer dude.
I think he is dreaming of becoming the next BYU soccer star

A Cute Picture of my favorite Cutie

If this isn't the face of pure happiness, joy and celebration, I don't know what is. Can you say LEARNER"S PERMIT??? Jeremy was thrilled he passed and is eager to get behind the wheel. Mom, not so much, I am still getting used to Alex driving.

Speaking of driving, here is Jeremy feeling cool at the car show, as if he isn't cool enough already.

Alex sporting his first tux-- isn't he handsome?? Tall, dark and handsome ; )
One last indoor soccer game for Kyle-- they are currently first place-- GO BLUE!!