Friday, September 23, 2011

Random pictures showing the randomness of my life

Brandon's first football game of the year

Our awesome QB-- he really can throw a bullet, he is
the starting QB ya know. I love the fact
he is still wearing his soccer cleats and shin guards
from his game. He ran from one to the next--
we keep him busy so he doesn't drive us all
crazy with his fidgety, wiggly, hyper little self.
You should try sitting by him at church, we have to take turns
each week-- he is non-stop energy.

Jeremy's completed Eagle Scout Project!
Sorry for the blurry pic

Baylie's 11th Birthday

Sunday afternoon on the back deck,
I have such a handsome son.

Alex in his typical texting pose. I was
lucky to get him to look up at me long enough
to take a picture.

Brandon at his first soccer game of the season

Baylie at her first volleyball game of the season-- see how she is smaller than most?
That's what happens when you are a year younger than everyone in your class.

Two of my Blue Jay warriors- Kyle is in his soccer jersey and
Mikenzie is in her volleyball jersey on game day.