Tuesday, September 29, 2009


12th Birthday/Day he became a deacon

July 2006

We don't know where the time has gone. Our oldest child is 16?? It seems like just yesterday we held that little baby in our arms. Now, you are taller than both of us.

Funny moments?

Trying to hold yourself up against a wall of snow when you were 16 months old, only to find yourself completely covered in snow.

Biting Dad and telling him you were just trying to find out what he tasted like. That must be the scientist in you, performing your first experiment.

Asking why I was " making the potatoes naked " while I was peeling them.

Stealing one of Jeremy's toy trucks and convincing him you were taking it to the shop to get it fixed for a long, long time. He actually believed you too!!

I'm sitting here with ice cream on my face, what does it look like I'm doing???
( The answer to the question " Alex, what are you doing? " after you leaned all the way back and tried to eat an ice cream cone)

Looking down at the little smiley face on your hand as I left you at your new school in Pennsylvania. That little boy was so scared-- sometime we miss him.

Happy Birthday Alex-- We love you!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Burned Out Mamma

So here we are, 24 hours from Alex's 16th birthday and I am burned OUT!! Too much to do-- too little time to do it. Too many places to be, and only one mom to get everyone where they need to be. Laundry, dishes, dusting, bathrooms... they all call to me, along with my children.

The sad thing is, I am have just begun the teenage years, the most crucial years, and I am ready to buy a ticket and fly outta here.

James says it's a mid-life crisis, I say I am spread too thin-- only figuratively, I wish literally.

Is it poor me? Or am I overwhelmed? Who knows?

I do know that I must press on and remember the wonderful quote I will be using today in my lesson:

We should never complain, when we are living worthily, about what happens in our lives.

Onward I must go, ready or not, pressing forward.

Wish me luck.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

2009 Zoo Run
Run For The Chimps

My Official Race Chip

Ready to run!!

This morning was the annual zoo run. Last year I ran/walked it with my mom. This year, I was a lone woman, running all by myself. I actually looked forward to the challenge-- I have been training as much as my hectic schedule would allow and felt the most prepared for a race thus far.

It was a bright and beautiful morning, perfect race day. I must admit, it was humid, even for us mid-westerners. I have been spoiled by the A/C at the gym. I have also been using the treadmill as a crutch, otherwise, I felt ready.

I joined the crowd of about 800 people and anxiously awaited the start gun. I loaded my iPod with awesome music just for the race-- don't laugh, but it was mostly the Disney crew. I need a good beat, but no foul language please!!

The race began and I was off. The first thing you hit is a hill, so no easy start there. The race is mostly hilly, so it is a fun but challenging course. Other than being surrounded by Mr. Cologne and Mz. Perfume for the first few yards, I started off strong. I have a mild scent induced asthma, so I passed them quickly to free up the old bronchials.

It is enjoyable to run past the various animals throughout the zoo, strange odors and all. Our zoo has beautiful scenery, which makes it even more entertaining, especially in the morning.

All in all, I did great. I am not sure of my time. I thought I had beat my goal by three minutes, but realized later that my chip time will probably be a bit faster, as it takes time for us folks in the back a while to get to the start line.

So, I will post my time later and keep you all updated-- but yay for me!! By the way-- I did cross the finish line listening to Party in The U.S.A. by Miley : )

Friday, September 4, 2009

Complete Looser

Some days, to be honest, that is how I truly feel. I look around at what others have accomplished, measure myself up to them and feel rather low on the ladder of life. No long CV to list my accomplishments, my cars are old and breaking down, my house is a mess, Brandon is missing a shoe, my waist line is not shrinking, no matter how many miles I run every week. Can't I do more with my life? Can't I be better?

But then... I gather my greatest blessings into my big old van and one by one say goodbye. Alex, already off to High School, Jeremy off to Junior High, where he is playing football, and I couldn't be more proud,regardless of how deep he is on the line. Kyle and Mikenzie are dropped off at middle school, where I realize how much Kyle has grown and beautiful my little princess is becoming. How grateful I am they have each other this year. Mikenzie is so much smaller than Kyle and I realize it will be a matter of months before she is the one who is growing up overnight.

Then I send my two last children out the door, with new shoes ( still can't find the lost shoe... a brand new I might add ) and colorful umbrellas, full of excitement for what the rain promises them for that one block walk to school. They just brighten my day and make me realize how truly blessed I am.

Last week in my RS lesson, I pointed out that most of our worries are over wanting a bigger house, faster car, prettier clothes ( or am I the only vain and worldly one? ) Really? Is that all I have to worry about in this world full of trouble? I can turn on any tap in my house and have clean, hot or cold water. I have indoor plumbing, A/C, heat. Freedom, education, food in my cupboards. That is more than 97% of the world can say. And, best of all, a wonderful family. Sibling rivalry, late work nights, and too little time, all rolled into one wonderful life.

So, am I really a looser? It seems to me, I am quite the winner.