Friday, June 19, 2009


First Daddy-Daughter Date

What can we say about our wonderful princess? You have been a joy to have in our home and are a sweet daughter who brightens each and every day. You are an excellent artist and such a good big sister ( and a little one too ). Thank you for the privelege of being your parents. WE LOVE YOU!!

Cutest Girl Scout EVER!!
It seems like you have grown up before our eyes and you are becoming a wonderful person. You show your warm heart by loving all of those around you, even all of the animals around you : 0 )

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gratitui' Tuesday

Summer is here -- for the most part. Life has a slower pace and it has been nice to enjoy the day with my kids -- for the most part.

We have been enduring the battle of our parenting career the past few days, Alex's Eagle Project. I have pulled out every parenting skill I have in my arsenal and I think we are all learning from the experience. I would have never imagined it would be so difficult to communicate in a positive and effective manner with my wonderful son.... but it has been to say at a minimum -- impossible!! We have only just begun, so I will keep
you informed as we progress towards " our " goal. I am grateful for a fabulous son, King of Debate ( and argument ) that he is .

Brandon has been enjoying the thrill of learning how to swim. This is the first year he and Baylie have gone ear tube free and they are both loving the water and all the fun it has to offer. Last night Brandon swam almost the entire length of the pool unassisted-- he will disagree because he had to float on his back for a moment-- but we are uber-proud.

Do you remember what a luxury it was to have goggles when we were growing up? It seems to be a necessity now a days. My kids are more worried about having goggles than a towel or swimming suit. I must concede, I used them while training for my triathlon and became a fan after many a year of red, chlorine-filled eyes. Goggles do make swimming a bit easier and a tad more fun. I guess I am grateful for goggles.

Mikenzie is growing by leaps and bounds in independence. She is on the swim team this year. I am amazed that I can drop my little girl off at the pool gate, drive away and know she will get to the pool, do the swim team thing, shower and get her little self over to summer school ( not the hold ya back kind of summer school-- they make it more of a day camp here with lots of fun classes like cheerleading and woodworking ... just don't want you to not know I have brilliant kids ). Anyway... she is really maturing and I am graterul my bonita is so independant and responsible.

My ultimate gratitui' this week ... this year ... my life... we found our long lost temple clothes. We were sure they had been lost during our move, but to our delight ( but not to our surprise ) they were at Susan's house!!! James found them the first night he was visiting. They mean so much to me, as my grandma purchased them for me when I was married. I think of her everytime I go to the temple and am thrilled something so personal was found. Of course they were replaceable, but they really weren't... it would not have been the same. I am grateful prayers are answered.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shave and a haircut, two bits... I wish!!

Yesterday was the big day. Mikenzie decided it was time to cut her hair and send it to Locks of Love. Baylie jumped on the bandwagon and off we went to the hair salon. I was going to take a picture of the big moment, but remembered right after the hairstylist started cutting my phone was locked-- thanks Kyle... gotta love kids.

I do have a before and after picture of both girls:

Pretty big change, huh?

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the girls feeling so special and pretty, especially together-- I love bonding sister stuff.

I think they look pretty darn cute -- I am sure you argree.