Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not Super Great

Not super great... those were the words Baylie used to describe her day.  She has an inexplicably painful tendon in her foot and has been lugging a boot around for the past week with no relief from her constant pain.  Even the in house physician is a bit baffled, mumbling something about an MRI the other day.  And apparently a mean 7th grade boy wouldn't move his books so she could rest her leg on a chair today. She even resorted to calling him a jerk, to which he replied he was an American and could do whatever he wants.  I don't really agree with that loose interpretation of our wonderful nationality, but he's a 7th grade boy, what can you expect?

And then... she left her little tablet under a tree after science class.  Her kind friend picked it up and was running to give it to her when another mean boy, a 6th grader this time, tripped her friend, who dropped the tablet, which shattered the screen.  Not super great.  What was great was the grace Baylie showed this friend who knew for sure B would be furious and demand payment for the damaged goods.  She was so relieved when Baylie told her she understood it was just an accident.  All she could say was " My parents can't afford to replace that.  I was so scared."  I am not surprised in the least bit by Baylie's reaction to the whole sad incident.  She is such a wonderful little person. I think my sweet B is super great!

This happens to be two days after she left her iPod in a restroom at a nearby craft store.  She realized she left it and ran back to retrieve it.  Luckily someone had turned it in, but not before they helped themselves to the $25 she had tucked away in the case.  I guess a finders fee is cheaper than replacing an entire Ipod. Not a super great deal there though, I mean, c'mon people! Is your integrity really only worth $25??

Brandon also received not super great news today as well.  A few weeks ago he had a tooth that was giving him a ton of pain.  I finally called a dentist ( being a mom of 6 kids lends itself to becoming a bit skeptical when a child whines about a random pain).  We got him in to see a dentist that accepted our crappy dental plan... there are no real savings when it comes to seeing a dentist, just sayin'.  

Well, the dentist told me Brandon's tooth was broken and he should have it pulled, as it was a baby tooth.  I agreed, thinking it would come right out.  Well, after being all numbed up, Brandon endured what seemed an eternity of trying to yank that stubborn tooth out.  It wasn't about to budge.  The dentist kept trying despite Brandon's claims of pain.  By the time Brandon was crying and visibly shaking, we all finally gave up and went off in search of a pediatric dentist that could sedate the poor little guy.

Two weeks ago, we went to the new dentist ( who accepts cash very happily, but not our crappy insurance plan ) and he said it was merely a cavity and it could be filled, no sedation needed.  Great, save time, money and pain.  Fast forward to today.  We arrived thinking it would be a quick filling on two little baby teeth.  I must say, the new dentist was fabulous with keeping Brandon not only calm but also well informed.  He numbed Brandon up and began to drill, and drill, and drill.  He almost started to fill, but then had to drill some more.  That is when the not super great news came.

The cavity was so deep it would require a root canal... on a baby tooth.  Or...we could just pull the tooth.  Back to square one.  He promised all he would have to do was just wiggle the tooth out.  Yeah, we've all heard that line before.

A few more shots to ensure lack of any pain, a few wiggles, a couple of nervous "ow"'s from Brandon, one loud " Ouch!!" and it was out.  The dentist was amazed at the tooth.  How deep the cavity was, where the nerve was.  Brandon was shocked and relieved it finally came out.

Brandon had the puffy face to prove he had multiple shots to numb him up.  He was quite the cute chipmunk for a couple of hours. He spent most of the day resting and then suddenly felt great.  Well enough to go play soccer with his team for a few hours anyway.

Some days are just not super great.  It sure is hard to see my kiddos suffer the small bumps and bruises this life seems to deliver at random times.  But it is all part of this very human experience we are living.  None of us get out of here alive and I don't think any of us get out with a few battle scars.  

Be Grateful!!